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In Hawaiian, the word Nalukai can be translated as “a wise soul who has weathered life’s storms.” In late 2012, designer Tricia McCarthy launched the collection after her sister-in-law Laura, a true Nalukai by definition, successfully overcame a two-time battle with breast cancer. Laura’s strength and personal mantra of “Believe” fueled Tricia’s passion to create jewelry that empowers and inspires. By fusing this with the beauty of the Hawaiian language, one that Tricia finds truly magical, the Nalukai collection took full force.

As Tricia explains, “Each piece I’ve created is meant to bring inspiration to the wearer. I am constantly inspired by other’s stories and I created this line to honor individual strength and grace. I combined that uniqueness with the beauty of Hawaii – from the land and the sea, the melodic language, as well as the culture and customs, all of which are reflected and honored in the collection.”

Each piece in the Nalukai Collection is hand-crafted. No two pieces are identical, just as no two people are – allowing each person to reflect their individual journey and tell their story in a word.

Based on the popularity of the jewelry collection, Nalukai launched a clothing line incorporating the same inspiring mantras and made with the same care as our jewelry.

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